written by Wanda

Whitney Port Gets A Pedicure

I’ve been pretty honest about my less than affectionate attitude toward reality stars but there’s something about Whitney Port I’m really beginning to appreciate. Perhaps I like Whitney because she doesn’t seem desperate to extend her fifteen minutes of fame. She isn’t the hot commodity she once was but she seems to be okay with that. You don’t see her out staging awkward photo ops or getting involved in trashy scandals to keep her name in the headlines. More than that, Whitney is perfectly fine leaving the house in comfortable clothes like the outfit she’s wearing in these photos as she treats herself to a pedicure in Los Angeles. I might not respect her claim to fame but I definitely respect what she’s done with it.


  • I’ve never heard of Whitney Port. And I’m sure she’s never heard of me! Had to look her up on Wikipedia. She was in The Hills, I see. I’ve heard of The Hills, but never watched it.

    I like what you said about what she’s done with the fame. She doesn’t seem to have sold her soul and body for it.

  • thx for whitney bro