written by Wanda

Who Is Leilani Dowding?

I saw these pictures and I’ll be honest, I was a little surprised I’ve never heard this girl’s name. She has the sort of body type and the sort of face I’m typically attracted to. I’ve also made no secret of my love for dark haired girls. She’s not skinny per say. She’s athletic. Her body is tight and toned and I appreciate a girl that works hard to stay in shape, and I think Leilani does. I looked into her story and found that she dropped out of college to pursue a career in modeling. She became a “Page 3” girl and has gone on to do a few different reality TV shows. It surprises me that she hasn’t amassed more modeling credits. Somebody get on that. I want to see more of this girl!


  • Are you joking, this girl is HUGE in the UK…one of the most famous Page3 models of all time.

    • Nope, not kidding. I heard she was big in the UK, but I’ve never heard of her. Worth pointing out I’m not from the UK, though.

  • Wanda, if you Go on the Sun’s Page 3 website….You’ll be able to find Leilani’s profile and pics there. She is a gorgeous model, and if she’s just hit your radar in the US, she’s obviously trying to crack America!

    • I’ll definitely do that. I haven’t heard her name until this post, but that can certainly change in a hurry. I can’t see why she wouldn’t be able to make it big here too. She’s certainly got the looks for it.

  • Leilani ? yessssss thx bro

  • She reminds me of someone but I am not sure who. But whoever it is, the person must be fine because Leilani is hot. She is a great person to model your body after, toned and tight and all hot.