written by Wanda

Xenia Deli Sexy Swimwear Series

Xenia Deli is a relative newcomer to the world of fashion but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect to see a whole lot of her very, very soon. She is definitely an up and comer and that makes me very happy. She’s worked with some of the biggest names in fashion and has definitely been turning heads. It isn’t hard to see why when looking over this set of swimwear shots she’s posed for. She has an incredible body and a beautiful face. She also has this natural charisma in front of the camera that makes her irresistible. I love every one of these shots but I’m especially partial to the first photo. I love the way she’s looking into the camera. With that said, every single one of these photos is great. What a stunning young lady. I can’t wait to watch her become a huge star in fashion.

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  • she is so exotic looking, very pretty