written by Wanda

You’re Getting There, Paris Hilton

Now this is much, much closer to the Paris Hilton I know and love. The last time I posted about Paris, I kind of gave her a hard time about a rather shapeless, unflattering dress she was wearing and while the outfit she’s wearing here still isn’t quite showing off the Paris I’m used to seeing, it is a vast improvement. Paris looks good here in these shots snapped in Malibu. It’s a casual kind of outfit but I think that really works well for Paris. I’m not sure about the top (bathing suit, maybe?) but I do like the look overall. It’s got a sexy kind of vibe going on thanks to the little glimpses of skin we get. The more I write about these pictures the more I like them. Maybe this isn’t quite the Paris I’m used to seeing but maybe that’s a good time. Maybe I like this Paris more.

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