written by Wanda

Yvonne Strahovski In Sexy New SoBe Ad

“Chuck” star Yvonne Strahovski may be preparing to say goodbye to her much loved television series but I have little doubt her career will continue to flourish. First, she’s absolutely stunning and Hollywood definitely appreciates that. Second, she’s a very talented actress able to handle a variety of genres. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of Yvonne in the future. With that said, it’s hard to imagine we’ll see more than what we’re seeing in the photos from her new SoBe ad shoot. There are many reasons I love SoBe. Their ad campaigns are always exciting thanks to the combination of beautiful women and body paint but more importantly, to me anyway, their product is delicious. I love Yvonne, I love SoBe and I love these pictures.


  • I thought she looked familiar! Yeah, she’ll be OK beyond Chuck. She’s not overexposed on TV yet, so she’ll find plenty other offers and opportunities I’m sure.

    I love how they did the body paint. Can’t say I’ve tried SoBe before. Is it a soya drink of some sort?

    • SoBe makes all sorts of drinks, actually. I like their teas and their fruit juices but I hear their flavored water type beverages are supposed to be good to. You can get different kinds that have different things in them to boost your mood and whatnot. My favorite is the Black Tea G3 that has ginseng, guarana and ginkgo. I don’t know how much of a difference those things make but the tea tastes great. Some of the fruit juices are really good too.

  • My favourite pictures up there are where she’s in amongst other vegetation. I really like the way the body paint blends into the plants, like she’s part of it and they’re part of her.

    I watched Chuck once or twice and thought she was brilliant in it.

  • Ah, I see, so that’s what SoBe is. I’d quite like to try their peach ice tea if they do any of those, or anything that’s mango flavoured. The black tea sounds pretty good too, so I might give that a try too.

  • – Every time I look at your work I think I’ve got a lot to learn! I am blown away every snigle time by what your photos do to me. I can only imagine how Sophie feels!

  • This is fun and funny! I love your driawng of Rosie! Captures her perfectly!!! And your dream does too! I wouldn’t doubt one bit that you could have been connected to her in the dream why not and who knows for sure why. But it will be fun if she does write a book or does some new show and someone sings Chattanooga Choo Choo and even more funny if that someone is you!!

  • That body paint is amazing. I love their ads. It is refreshing to see something different. The body paint is a great idea. It leaves imagination to the mind and does get people to buy their drinks.

  • she is the reason I watch chuck, hot damn she is one sexy lady