written by Wanda

Zahia Dehar Looks Stunning In Malibu

So for those of you who aren’t familiar with Zahia Dehar, let me give you a little background. This beauty rose to fame via a scandal involving three French soccer stars. The three men were accused of paying the then underage girl for sex. Following the prostitution scandal, Zahia decided to go legit and started modeling, walking the runway in lingerie at during Paris Couture Week. In these photos snapped in Malibu, Zahia looks gorgeous in a black bathing suit. While I don’t often love people that cash in on a scandal to gain fame, I appreciate the fact that Zahia is actually working for her fame, not just sitting back and riding the scandal to a better position in the public eye. It’s also nice to hear of a teenage prostitute going legit. I just hope she sticks to it and continues to do well.

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  • Damn nice body. And the swimsuit accentuates it well.