written by Wanda

Zaira Nara And Her Lovely Boobs

Confession: I have no idea who Zaira Nara is and I haven’t really been able to find out. It appears that she’s a television host, perhaps? Maybe a reality show contestant. I suppose she could be both. Regardless of who she is though, one thing is definitely clear – she’s a very pretty girl with a great body and fantastic boobs. I’m not generally all that into boobs, but sometimes, it’s hard to deny how awesome they can be. Zaira looks to be pretty natural. Here in Miami in her black bikini, it doesn’t look like she has two beach balls strapped to her chest. I definitely appreciate that. Bigger is not always better and Zaira proves that.


  • She’s 22y-o, and girlfriend (soon to be wife) of Uruguay National Team Soccer Player and Atl├ętico Madrid Forward #7: Diego Forlan… This girl is beautiful!

    • Many, many thanks. I’ll remember that. She really is beautiful.

  • In fact, he appears on the pics. You do a great job, always a pleasure for the eyes, Many Thanks from France =)

  • She is very pretty but she seems to have a snarky look on her face in many of these photos. Like she is not quite happy. I don’t know maybe just me. I am not sure who she is either but I am glad that you posted these pics as she is really pretty.

  • She just learned that thing is for more then just peeing and she’s already getting married. Live a little first.