written by Wanda

Aisleyne Horgan Has A Pretty Nice Caboose

Now I really like these photos of Aisleyne Horgan. They show off her body but not in a trashy or desperate way. I think that’s great. To be honest, I really only have one complaint about these photos and it’s a fairly minor one. I don’t like the pale pink lipstick or lipgloss. Whatever it is, I don’t like it. It’s a bit too pale for her complexion. She should’ve gone with a different shade because the pale pink makes her lips look a bit weird. That’s my opinion, anyway. I have worn lipstick maybe once in the last year so what do I know. Overall though, I think these shots are great.


  • amazing looker and an outstanding figure, she has a great big ass, love a women like her

  • she is very pretty and her body is immense, nice booty

  • now that ass is up there with some of the best, she is very easy on the eyes too, the lady in the blue outfit has quite a tight little body on her too by the looks of it