written by Wanda

Ali Landry Is Super Sexy In These New Bikini Photos From Hawaii.

Ali Landry bikini pics are always a win for me. I have to admit, as talented as she is, I will probably always think of her as the Doritos girl but I’m willing to be she doesn’t care in the least. She looks fantastic. She’s confident and she seems to be doing pretty well for her self. Did she get started making commercials for delicious, cheesy potato chips? Sure – and it worked for her. Well done. Here in Hawaii, Ali looks just as incredible as one would expect. I’m thrilled to have the chance to write about her again. It’s not an opportunity I get nearly often enough.


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  • Ali is so pretty. I think that it is great when you can get your start in a commercial. At least her career went somewhere then unlike many that start on commercials and just do them for the rest of their lives.