written by Wanda

Amy Childs Shows Off Her Body

Hitting the town in a form fitting red dress, Amy Childs does her best to remind us why we care about her. She’s hot. That’s pretty much it. I’m sure someone will defend her against this unfair attack, but I pretty much hold this opinion of any sexy reality tv celebrity who is famous only for being famous – and the UK is no exception. With that said, I don’t really have any problem with Amy. She knows what her biggest assets are (boobs and butt, of course) and she works them. I don’t think that’s any worse than Kim Kardashian doing the same thing.


  • Is possible to get Amy in package with a car? :)

  • I don’t mind having a car… only…welll….neither Amy. They are both awesome.

  • I’d love to bury my face in Amy Childs ass and eat her asshole out.

  • Taylor Swift is awesome!!! Love to bed her one time.

  • i would love to grab amys tits a rub ma face in them. love any childs

  • Amy I would love to lick her fanny and I would love to get a tit wank of her and I would like her to sit on my face with her fantastic ars and I would lisk her arshole out

  • Paul, Richard, daniel and ryan are all sad losers – get lives you morons

  • Errrm piss off Yazz u tellin them to get a life….. then wat u doin looking this up…… she has got nice tits tho

  • i would love to bang and lick her ass hole and crack

  • Erm, gentlemen, could we water down the colourful vocal fantasies, please? I doubt she’d find any of you the least appealing with crass language like that.

    Off-putting. Very.

    I guess Amy is the equivalent of Kim Kardashian in a way, using her body and the fame it attracts to her own advantage.

  • get a life all you boring old farts with no genitals (except YAZZ and katie) – you guys couldn’t get laid in a brothel, you flaccid impotent jerks!

  • I’d love her to grinds her pussy all over my face, shoot her juices, then suffocare me with her arse. I lick everything clean and then go to work without cleaning my face or mouth, smelling of her fanny and arse.

  • I drink her piss and such and lick her arse for a living. She was born to sit on my face.

  • I would love to bend her over and smash the absolute granny out of her arse, then pass her a towel and say wipe yourself off love.

  • Chris: you were born to have a face not worth sitting on.

    Bob: dream on. Ain’t gonna happen in this life, or the next, or the next life after that. Indeed, not ever.

    Derek: issues. reality. therapy. I’ll leave it at that.

  • Agreed, bethany.

    Really, dudes, I’m a guy and I find some of your language pretty down right pathetic. Go take a cold shower. Wash your mouths out too. Then go learn the art of respecting a woman. Yah think you can manage that?


  • I’m a male and yes I agree she is a very beautiful woman but some of you need to watch your mouth saying things like you would like her to suffocate you with her ass jeez. She is not a toy that you just get happy over

  • orochi vs orochi

  • I would request protected vaginal intercourse and if she replied yes, i would make love to with her consensually of course

  • End of the day every here would destroy her!

  • gangbang!

  • she has a great body, very curvy but why make filthy comments so you woudl bang her very guy would pretty much, it doesnt take much most guys I know would bang any women regardless of looks/ body

  • all the comments on this page lol, she is a nice looking women with a great body, look at the curves- great ass but the pervy comments are a bit much

  • she has a nice thick ass, such great curves, imagine her in your bed damn