written by Wanda

Avril Lavigne Reminds Us She’s Hot

Normally when you see Avril at the beach she’s dressed down in t-shirts looking like one of the boys. Every now and then, though, Avril decides to remind us that underneath her casual attire there’s a smoking hot body. Thankfully, there are usually cameras there to catch the hotness in glorious photographs. This is Avril in Hawaii lounging in the sun in a sexy black bikini. Sure that ugly trucker hat makes its appearance, but who really pays attention to what’s on her head. The only thing anyone pays attention to in these pictures is what isn’t covering her body. A nice change for sure. The thing I like most about Avril is that this isn’t an every day occurrence. Pictures of Avril in a bikini are actually a treat because we don’t get them all the time. Maybe some of the other starlets out there flaunting their bodies at every turn could take lessons from Lavigne.

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