written by Wanda

Bad Poetry About Jourdan Dunn And Her Side Boob

And now, some bad poetry about Jourdan Dunn and her side boob:

Dear Jourdan Dunn
You are the one
Who makes my heart skip a beat
And knocks me off of my feet.

Your beauty is rare.
It’s really not fair.
How does that kind of hot happen?
I’ll dream of you while I’m nappin’.

I’m no poet, you see
But you do this to me.
Jourdan Dunn, don’t you know,
You have my heart with a bow.

Your side boobs is so hot
That I think I forgot,
I’m a girl who is straight
But you I would date.

Oh my Jourdan Dunn,
I have only begun,
To see your real beauty
And something about booty.

Thank you. Thank you. Bad poetry, everyone – terrible art at its worst!

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