written by Wanda

Belen Rodriguez And Fabrizio Corona In Spain

Belen Rodriguez… to be honest, I’m pretty new to this girl. Until recently, in fact, I had no idea she existed and that makes me a bit sad. Mostly known for her modeling work and her work in commercials, Belen is quickly becoming one of the women I look most forward to seeing new pictures of. There’s just something about her I like. It could be the fact that she’s gorgeous. It could be the fact that she has an awesome body. It could also be the fact that she seems like she’s a pretty level headed girl. Whatever the reason, here in Formentera, Spain, Belen looks incredible. Also worth noting, her boyfriend is also an incredibly attractive man.


  • belen ass number one thx bro

  • Awe these two look so in love. I do not even know who she is. I do not believe that I have ever seen her before. But she looks happy with her man and that is all that matters. She looks great and her boyfriend is not a bad site either.

  • she is hot, his tattoos are horrible, almost every guy nowadays is covered in tattoos, why?


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