written by Wanda

Bikini Pictures Of Sarah Harding

Oh Sarah Harding. What a pretty girl you are. You have an awesome body, a lovely face and a killer smile. I think you’re just fantastic. Here in Miami, Florida, Sarah takes a little time to relax by the pool in her hotel and it just so happens she looks gorgeous while she’s doing it. I like getting to see a more relaxed side of Sarah. It’s not one we’re privy to very often. She looks so laid back and casual – like she’s genuinely enjoying her off time. Sarah is the best example I can come up with of how it’s possible to be a fan of a person without necessarily being a fan of their work. At least that’s how I am with Sarah and her music. I like her and I love her smile, but for me, her music is a little hit or miss. She can still definitely count me as a fan though.


  • nice stretching exercises

  • thx for sarah bro

  • Never heard her sing before but I agree that she is a gorgeous babe. I will have to look her up. Even if her singing sucks, while you are watching a video of hers you can just stare at her gorgeous face.


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