written by Ann

Brooke Hogan Shows Cleavage On Show

Brooke Hogan went to a campus to film her reality TV show. It was an unofficial visit as the college was not keen to get the show biz type of publicity. She generated small pockets of interest wherever she walked. Brooke has not revealed her college of choice. That was smart because it would be an embarrassment if she did not get into her preferred college. I think Brooke would be keeping her fingers crossed until she receives her notification.

Brooke Hogan Cleavage

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  • She scares me, sometimes is pretty, next time is not so pretty.

  • she is ok looking but great body, tits are awesome

  • look at those big jugs, love to titty fuck her

  • she is average looking that is why just girl next door type just normal looking but i love her body, her boobs are amazing she is so curvy too, nice and thick

  • if you find her ugly you have good standards really too high, she looks good enough to me and her body is immense, great big boobs on her, I think she is good looking

  • a tittyfuck with her would be heaven