written by Wanda

Cameron Diaz Baby Bump?

So I guess I’m a little behind on the movie news as of late because I can’t remember hearing about a movie staring Cameron Diaz in which she plays a pregnant woman. With that said, these pictures from Atlanta have to be for a movie as I seem to recall seeing bikini pictures of Cameron not too long ago and she definitely wasn’t pregnant in those. I dunno, normally I’m not really one of those women that thinks a woman is most beautiful when she’s pregnant but the look kind of works for Cameron. Perhaps her biological clock is ticking. Perhaps not. Cameron doesn’t seem like the settling down into motherhood type to me.

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  • Nah, I don’t think Cameron’s pregnant or it would have been all over the internet like a rash. Definitely has to be a film.

    Out of curiosity, why don’t you think a woman is at her most beautiful when she’s pregnant?