written by Wanda

Camilla Luddington Offers Up The Best Photo Shoot I’ve Seen In A Long Time

I thought it would be hard for anyone to top the sexy Keke Palmer photo shoot I shared yesterday but here we are only a few hours later and Camilla Luddington has managed to do exactly that. To be fair though, I might be a bit biased. I’m a huge fan of Camilla as an actress. I loved her on Californication and I loved her on True Blood. I’ve never been a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan but I did tune in to check Camilla out as Jo Wilson. In these shots, we get to see Camilla showing off just how beautiful she really is. Each one of these shots is incredible and I can honestly say, this is, in my opinion anyway, the best shoot I’ve shared in quite some time. Absolutely gorgeous.

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  • what a hottie, great looking women