written by Wanda

Carmen Electra Is Just As Beautiful As Ever

I need to take a moment to comment on one thing about these photos that popped out at me right away – something that has nothing to do with how hot Carmen Electra looks in them. Carmen Electra and Samuel Larsen? Really? How did that happen? Of course, these photos don’t really mean anything is going on between them but if there is something to the rumor, that just seems so weird to me. Last I heard, Carmen was seeing Simon Cowell. While that also struck me as a bit odd, this pairing would be far stranger. I haven’t been as into GleeĀ over the last few seasons but I remember Samuel’s time on the show very well. He was one of my favorite newcomers and I felt the show wasted his talents. I have to say though, if these pictures from a nightclub in Hollywood tell the story they seem to tell, I have only one thing to say to both Samuel and Carmen – well freaking done.


  • Her ass= beautiful

  • Carmen= Beautiful- Fine ass body