written by Wanda

Carol Vorderman Is Not Really My Idea Of Attractive But…

… this site isn’t just here for me, now is it? It’s here for all of our wonderful readers and I’m certain there are lots and lots of people out there who will thing Carol is super hot. She’s just not what I tend to look for when I look for a hot woman but hey, to each their own. I do like the outfit she’s chosen here. It compliments her figure beautifully and really accentuates her finest features. Overall, I like the shots, even if they don’t get my pulse racing like photos of some of the other girls we post about on this site do.


  • Waching her present on tv, always gets me hard, she is some Milf, she is 53 yrs old now remember and most guys would not pass up a night with this fine looking mature lady, she has a fine figure, huge tits and ass.

    Not her best pics tho, she still looks good but wish more skin was on show

  • Carol is a nice mature, Lorraine kelly is another nice looking 50 + yr old who presents on tV, meet Sarah Beeny in person recently, she is nice and huge pair of bangers on her, shame she doesn’t have any pics on here

  • Sarah Beeny is a girl next door type, she is nice but not special at all, carol is a prime cock teaser, she has great tits ans ass.


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