written by Wanda

Carolina Baldini Is Super Sexy In Tiny Bikini

Carolina Baldini is so hot she should be allowed in the water because her overwhelming hotness is going to boil it. Ladies and gentlemen – get your kids out of the water. It’s about to become a safety hazard. This babe is on fire. There’s no question. Just look at that ass – it’s perfect. Watch out sun worshipers of Miami Beach. Carolina has arrived. If you experience dizziness, blurred vision, nausea or weakness get as far away from Carolina as you can because you are getting heat stroke. This is a woman you need to admire for a safe distance. Remember, do not look directly at that ass or you may suffer permanent damage to your sight because that thing is so smoking hot it may burn your retinas. Always wear sunglasses when beholding such beauty. Safety first, folks.

Carolina Baldini Carolina Baldini Carolina Baldini
Carolina Baldini Carolina Baldini Carolina Baldini Carolina Baldini Carolina Baldini Carolina Baldini


  • Yeah baby, yeah!

  • I guess Carolina needs some company on the beach.

  • Is her ass really that hot? Really? I mean, it’s nice and all, and if you think it’s that hot, then that’s what does it for you. That’s cool.

    The beauty is in our differences. As such, I prefer more pronounced ones. To me, her ass isn’t filled out enough. But that’s just my preference though.

  • I’m honestly into behinds of all shapes and sizes but for me, Carolina’s is ideal in the smaller variety – round and firm. It looks very squeezable to me but yes, I can see your point. I do like a bigger butt as well but as far as the smaller ones go, Carolina’s caboose has everything I look for.

  • very fit bod


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