written by Ann

Celine Dion’s Skimpy Pink Dress

Celine Dion has continued to sing in her tour called “Taking Chances.” These pictures were taken live during a concert at the Waldbuehne in Berlin, Germany, June 12. She traveled to Europe and all her concerts were sold-out. The tour played in Dublin, to an audience of 64,000. Amsterdam supported her with 50,000 and Copenhagen gave her 42,000 fans. Celine would be singing in Europe until the middle of July. She would have a short summer break before returning to Boston, USA, on August 12.

Celine Dion

sexy Celine Dion pink dress Titanic Waldbuehne in Berlin, Germany Celine Dion perfoming on-stage Celine Celine Dion 7.jpg Celine Dion 8.jpg Celine Dion 9.jpg Celine Dion 10.jpg Celine Dion 11.jpg Celine Dion 12.jpg Celine Dion 13.jpg Celine Dion 14.jpg Celine Dion 15.jpg


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  • NOVY, thank God that’s just your opinion, not fact.

    Though you might think it is, 40 isn’t old (which was the age Celine was three years ago when those pics were taken).

    But I have to agree, she has an incredible pair of legs. I never noticed them in her earlier years.

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