written by Ann

Chanelle Hayes’ Sexy Corset And Fishnets

Chanelle Hayes had mixed reactions when she went on stage to sing her single. In Warrington, a few club patrons threw bottles at her. Chanelle was not discouraged. She said that she would work harder. In Rotherham, she had a warmer welcome. Nobody booed at her. Have you heard her song? The background music used lots of synthesizers and it sounded like a dance music song.

Chanelle Hayes

fishnets sexy Chanelle Hayes corset Chanelle Hayes on stage Chanelle Hayes performing Chanelle Hayes 6.jpg Chanelle Hayes 7.jpg Chanelle Hayes 8.jpg Chanelle Hayes ass Chanelle Hayes' back


  • what a lovely huge ass!!!
    It seems to be comfortable, isn’it?

  • i love this girls body. she is just perfect.

  • outstanding legs and ass

  • Amazing ass, body, long legs and face

  • she sure has the body for that outfit, how sexy is she, man well lush she is, great ass and legs, this women is hot