written by Wanda

Cindy Crawford Strikes A Pose At Cannes

People can say whatever they want to say about Cindy Crawford. Nothing will change my mind. I think this woman is stunning. She’s always been stunning. She’ll probably always be stunning. It isn’t just her face or her body. There’s just something about her that I find so incredibly alluring. Maybe I’m just so tied to the fact that she was theĀ model when I was growing up. Admitting that she’s getting old means admitting that I’m getting old and I’m not prepared to do that yet. I love these photos from theĀ Cannes Film Festival. She looks incredible in them and still has so much grace and poise on the red carpet. I think the dress is sexy but still classy and I think that’s a good representation of who she is as a person. I love Cindy and I love these photos.


  • She z one timeless beauty…..

  • milf

  • I wanna splash my juice all over her sexy face and nice bangers