written by Wanda

Courteney Cox Is Still A Fox

Cox. Fox. It rhymes so it’s witty. Anyway, moving on. I have to say, I’m impressed by these pictures of Courtney Cox in Hawaii. I always thought she was the hottest ‘Friend’ but I didn’t expect her to still be the hottest friend all these years later. Her body is incredible. I mean, it’s just ridiculous. I can foresee the typical comments about her lack of breast, but I like the fact that she’s all natural in the bust area. There have long been rumors that she’s had a little work done on her face, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I don’t see anything wrong with that. If I have the money when I’m old enough to need it, I’ll have a little work done too. Aging gracefully is highly overrated.


  • Have you ever touched a breast before? Come on man, she is not natural anymore. She has a great boob job — not too big, but enough to add fullness and weight.

    There is no doubt that she had a boob job.

    • I think you mean ‘come on woman’ and yes, I have touched breasts before. I have two of them and I touch them every day.

      They look natural to me – judging by these pictures anyway. It just looks like she has a lot of support in the bikini top. I could be wrong, of course. I’ve just never heard about the boob job when people rattle off the work she has had done. Assuming you’re right and she has had a boob job, it is a great one. Thanks for to info. I’ll keep it in mind for next time.

  • Hah! Sorry, didn’t know you were female.

    Well, I have felt a lot of fake boobs in my life (and I like fake boobs, not a hater), and there is only a 1/10 chance that hers are not fake. At her age, unless she is pregnant, there is way too much firmness in her breasts.

    There it is quite clear. But she does have a good one because she can minimize how fake they look and thus not look trashy. Probably small silicone implants.

  • she is a hot older women, she is one reason younger guys like me love older ladies, cougars whatever, smoking hot

  • she is the fittest women on Friends, even better than Jen Aniston

  • she is great looking women for 48 or so, she looks good, I love older women

  • very milfy