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Demi Moore Promotes “Flawless”

Demi Moore looked beautiful for her movie’s premiere at the Miami Int’l Film Festival. It was quite fitting that she looked flawlessly beautiful since her movie was called “Flawless.” The movie had an interesting plot about a woman executive who faced a glass ceiling at work. It was like what Demi said in her real life – getting roles for ageing actresses was like going against a glass ceiling. I hope that she will get good roles again.

Demi Moore

Demi Moore promotes Flawless Miami Int'l Film Festival Demi Moore wearing blue dress Demi Moore 4.jpg Demi Moore 5.jpg Demi Moore 6.jpg Demi Moore 7.jpg Demi Moore 8.jpg Demi Moore 9.jpg

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  • she is such a hottie, gorgeous milf