written by Ann

Elisha Cuthbert In Strapless Dress

Elisha Cuthbert and Dion Phaneuf went to the NHL Awards together. Elisha wore a leopard-like, black spotted, strapless dress. Dion and Elisha positively beamed for the cameras. Dion had reason to be pleased. He was chosen to be the cover boy for the EA Sports’ NHL ’09. It is a video game. The past association with this cover has not been good. There was a rumor called the EA Sports jinx. The players who posed on the covers of the video games supposedly suffered misfortunes.

Elisha Cuthbert

Dion Phaneuf Elisha Cuthbert EA Sports’ NHL ’09 NHL Awards Elisha Cuthbert 5.jpg Elisha Cuthbert 6.jpg strapless dress


  • Dion Phaneuf is one lucky bastard. Elisha is way too beautiful for him!

  • I’ll have to admit, she’s definitely charming.