written by Ann

Eva Mendes Promotes Secret Obsession

Eva Mendes was in Rome to promote the launch of the new Calvin Klein fragrance called Secret Obsession. She wore a prim and proper, office girl dress to tone down her image, since her perfume ad showed her stark naked. Mendes has balanced her public image and shown herself to be a serious model. In a bid to brush over the rumors about her lack of a public romance, Mendes said she has a secret crush on Mick Jagger. Would you believe that?

Eva Mendes

Calvin Klein fragrance a prim Eva Mendes naked Eva Mendes and Mick Jagger Secret Obsession Eva Mendes in Rome Eva Mendes 7.jpg Eva Mendes 8.jpg Eva Mendes 9.jpg Eva Mendes 10.jpg Eva Mendes shows legs Eva Mendes 12.jpg Eva Mendes 13.jpg Eva Mendes 14.jpg

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