written by Ann

Fergie Rocked Her Shorts

Fergie performed at the Pacific Amphitheatre during the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, California, July 19. She wore a yellow T shirt and hot denim shorts. Fergie rocked her shorts. She told anecdotes about her teen years in Orange County. Fergie said she used her fake ID to sneak into clubs and she had fun doing that. Fergie’s best performances were in pop. Her fans sang along with her. She did her usual cartwheels and delighted her audience with a cheerful closing song.


yellow T shirt Fergie 2.jpg Fergie ass Fergie 4.jpg Fergie 5.jpg Fergie 6.jpg legs Fergie 8.jpg Fergie 9.jpg Fergie 10.jpg Fergie 11.jpg Fergie 12.jpg

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  • I read some newspaper where they wrote that she needs to change her appearance cause she is getting to old. Where is she getting old i wonder :) Lookin great :P