written by Ann

Fergie Sticks Her Act Up In The Air!

Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas did their bit in the ÔÇťAmerican Idol Gives Back” fundraising special of the Idol program in LA. Fergie was so amazing, she took my breath away. How many singers could do the somersault and handstand while singing? Look at her muscles. Her posterior was so well toned that her muscles showed through her skin tight pants. She must have been following a routine exercise program. Man, look at that woman go!

American Idol Gives Back

Fergie performing Fergie onstage live Fergie 2.jpg Fergie 3.jpg Fergie 4.jpg Fergie 5.jpg Fergie 6.jpg Fergie 7.jpg Fergie 8.jpg Fergie 9.jpg Fergie 10.jpg Fergie 11.jpg Fergie 12.JPG


  • I’ve never been a fan but I must say, she does look good and continues to keep in shape, whether it’s from plastic surgery or excersise plus a balanced and healthy diet. no wonder people are saying she’s secretly dating some wealthy guys on _millionaireloves.c om_ i do hope i have that luck!LOL

  • Fergie – that performance was truly amazing and I taped it!