written by Wanda

Fitness Guru Jennifer Nicole Lee Eats A Banana

I get that Jennifer Nicole Lee has worked very, very hard to look the way she looks and I will always have respect for her for sharing her story with the world. Basically, she was unhappy with her body after she gave birth to her children and decided to do something about it. She started working out and changed her life forever. She’s now one of the hottest fitness gurus in the country and again, I respect that. I’m just starting to wonder if the woman has ever seen a camera she didn’t like. I can’t imagine how much better she feels about her self and her body and I can imagine the cameras snapping away make her feel even better. It’s not that I don’t like these photos, shot in Hollywood, California. Of course I do. She’s a beautiful woman who’s in fantastic shape. I just find they look a little forced. I absolutely love her necklace though. Super cute.


  • Wow, this woman’s body is about as perfect as they come. Well done whoever she is!

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