written by Wanda

Gentleman (and Ladies), The Gorgeous Anne Vyalitsyna In A Bikini.

Anne Vyalitsyna (or Anne V, as she’s often called) hit the beaches of Miami recently in a tiny, side boob baring bikini and the world rejoiced. This woman is incredible. Her figure is flawless – just absolutely stunning. No wonder Adam Levine was so broken up with their relationship ended. I’m sure a lot of men would be a little mopey if he lost the chance to wake up next to this beautiful woman every morning. More to the point though, I love these photos of Anne and not just because she looks hot. She also looks like she’s having a nice, relaxed day. While it might not seem like the life of a model would be rife with stress, I have to imagine it is. There’s a lot of pressure on models to stay youthful and beautiful. Anne doesn’t seem to be worried about that – at least not in these photos.


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