written by Wanda

Georgia May Jagger Is Quite The Beauty

These photos of Georgia May Jagger could quite possibly be one of the best photo sets I’ve seen in quite some time. People can say whatever they want about this young lady. I think she’s absolutely beautiful. More than that, she stands out. This is not a girl that looks like every other girl on the runway and I appreciate that. In these photos from a recent shoot, Georgia is proving she doesn’t need anyone to make her path to stardom easier. She has everything it takes to be a world class model. She has the face. She has the body. She has the natural charisma in front of the camera. I know it’ll be hard for her to get out of the shadows of her famous family but I think she can do it. I think this young lady has an incredibly bright future ahead of her.

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  • She must floss with dock rope.