written by Wanda

Gorgeous Adriana Lima In Sexy Bikini Photo Shoot

There’s something about Adriana Lima that gets me every time. Sure she’s stunning but a lot of models are. I think that’s a prerequisite for becoming a model. For me, Adriana is a lot more than another gorgeous model though. There’s something about her that’s unique and a little unusual. She isn’t typical. Sure she’s got a killer body and a gorgeous face but there’s just something more there even if I can’t quite figure out what that ‘something’ is. Every time I get a new set of Adriana Lima pics to write about, I know she’s going to look stunning but I also know there’s going to be more to the pictures than just a hot lady in a bikini. I can’t wait for the next set!


  • what a beautiful angel Adriana is… sooo cute :*

  • Adriana is an incredibly beautiful looking young lady. I’m slightly concerned about the ribs I’m seeing in some of the photos though. Maybe it’s simply down to the particular pose she’s striking in those. Yeah, that’s probably it. I hope.


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