written by Wanda

Gorgeous Kate Upton In Her Underwear

I’m sure someone will disagree with me on this one, but here it is – I think Kate Upton has a fantastic ass… perfect even. What I like most about her ass though, isn’t actually her ass – it’s the curve of her back just above her ass. For some reason, I find the small of the back one of the sexiest parts of a woman. Perhaps that’s because I’m a predominantly straight woman myself. Regardless, I love these pictures of Kate. She isn’t rake thin. She has curves. She also strikes me as a one-of-the-boys sort of girls. Then there are those legs of hers. And the belly. This woman is gorgeous – one of my favorite models.


  • one of the best shoots

  • Perfect ass? You have to be joking! The face and tits are easily a 10/10, but the ass is more like a 6 or 7. If she had a great ass, then your favorite thing about her ass would be her ass, not the middle of her back.

    • I would fuck her 100 times…oh my goodness icant believe her ass is soooooooo hooooootttt ..i wanna kiss her asssss.

    • I would still make out with her ass!!

  • When I hear “Kate Upton has a great ass” I know it has to be the opinion of a woman. Kate has a great chest and face, but has got have one of the WORST asses among glamour models. Why? She has NO ass (besides having no hips). I’m reminded of 10 year old girl when I look at her ass – not something I get worked up about. Anyways, I find that there is often a huge divide between what most men think is a great ass and what women think is a great ass….Most of us genuinely worship the hour-glass, and unfortunately for Kate, she only has the upper half.

  • I don’t see how it’s unfortunate for her? How does anyone’s opinion on whether or not she has a great ass impact on anything about her life? It’s not ‘unfortunate’. It just is what it is. Neither here nor there.

  • I’d suck the farts outta her ass like I was doing bong rips.

  • she is almost too sexy, what a babe

  • 10+++++ thx bro

  • actually, I think most non-homo guys know that her ass is incredible–it begs to be…no need to get graphic, but fill in the blank. Any male who thinks her ass is “one of the worst asses” is either a complete homo, a virgin, or brainwashed by the hip-hop culture’s fetishization of massive, chunky, fat asses–or simply gigantic round asses–that actually more closely resemble the lower body of an athletic and in-shape male. I personally don’t get that obsession because I like women, and I REALLY like ultra-feminine, soft, naturally voluptuous women like this beautiful woman. Get laid, get a clue, and it might change your perspective on what is an attractive woman (to the guys above who evaluate sexuality from an abstract, distorted POV

  • ^Agreed, this dude knows what he’s talkin about!

  • The amount of photoshopping in these pics is ridiculous. Google-image search any of her runway pics. Her ass is PATHETIC!

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