written by Wanda

Gorgeous Lindsay Lohan Pics By Terry Richardson

I know I talked a bit about Terry Richardson the other day when I wrote about his work with Lady Gaga but everything I said in that post is worth repeating here. Terry Richardson is a genius with his camera. He really is. These photos he’s taken of Lindsay Lohan are absolutely stunning. They’re on par with Lindsay’s Tyler Shields shots from a while back which were, until now, my favorite Lohan pictures of all time. Linsday is such a beautiful young woman. I know there are rumors about her partying again but I don’t pay much attention to that sort of thing. There will always be rumors about Lindsay. To me, she looks healthy and happier than she has in a while. As for Terry? Check out his shoots with Jared Leto. Brilliant.


  • My favorite is the one where she’s putting on lipstick. I also like the one right after that where you can see the tattoo on her finger. My least favorite is where she’s bent over. I don’t like it (though I’m sure some will beg to differ).

  • He looks very happy on Lindsay’s bosom! Lol! He looks like he’s thinking, “heaven, come take me now. Oh, hold on, I AM in heaven”.

    Lindsay looks very beautiful. She always has been. I hope she’s in a much better place now.

  • I’m sure Lindsay is quite used to being bent over….

  • Hey, LuLu, whether she’s used to it or not is not my business. Her sex life is her business, not mine. Besides, I see nothing wrong with that sexual position as long as both parties are happy to do it and are comfortable whilst doing it. What I’m really not feeling is the photo itself.

  • I happen to like the one of her in the white bikini. And the one with the lipstick is not too bad either. But other than that I really do not care for these photos. I dont mind racy photos but these are just too much.