written by Wanda

Hayden Panettiere Looks Like A Young Hilary Clinton

Okay, Hayden Panettiere, we need to have a little talk. Generally, I can defend your rather ‘mature’ fashion choices. I’ve heard you described as an ‘old soul’ and that’s just fine with me. When I was your age, I was described the same way. my problem with you is a small one. Here on Fox, you don’t look like yourself. I know your face looks the same, but I can’t get over the hair. Is it petty of me? Yes. But every time I see you, I can’t help thinking you look like a younger Hilary Clinton and I just can’t endorse that. I understand that you want to look more mature so you can be taken serious as an actor, but there is a line between looking mature and looking boring and you’ve crossed that line with this appearance. Sure you’re flashing a little bra and a tattoo, but that doesn’t change anything. I guess I’ve just come to expect more of you. I don’t want you to be all skanky and scantily clad all the time. That’s not who you are, but come on – a little spice or a little flare can go along way. I’ll be patient. You’re still finding your way. I’m just not feeling this look. Better luck next time.


  • Hillary Clinton was NEVER hot. Maybe Sarah Palin, but only maybe…

  • i like hayden an no one can change my opinion of her

  • Whoa – who said Hillary was hot? I love Hayden as well, but these pictures are just horrible. I’m sure it’s just the hair that makes her look like Clinton as her face is as gorgeous as ever. I just want to see her go back to the Hayden we all know and love. She seems to be trying to grow up so fast. I suppose that’s better than trying to stay young forever. Since this post, though, there have been a lot of more attractive pictures of Hayden. I write my posts based on the pictures I’m given and I just don’t like these ones.

  • i’d bend hillary over any day.nice big ass

  • she is a cute girl.

  • Yes, she is really cute.

  • You know what? I looked at the pictures first, before I read the post, and was thinking the same thing too! It definitely has a Hilary Clinton vibe to it. But ah well, at least there’s no Sarah Palin resemblance. Thank jesus.

    Hayden is an adorable young lady. I think she’s really cute. The hairstyle doesn’t do her any justice, makes her look like an ‘old’ young woman.

  • I love Hayden but do not care much for her hair here. She does look like Hilary. But she is still cute anyway. I prefer her much with her longer locks. She looks pretty no matter what but look great with long hair.