written by Ann

Heidi Klum’s Kisses

Heidi Klum is one of the oldest young looking fairies around here. Victoria’s Secret recently celebrated The Heidi Collection for “Very Sexy” makeup. Keeping true to the name of the collection, Heidi posed in freeze frames where she blew kisses for everyone. Klum was fresh in her choice of makeup and reflected her leadership. Just when some celebrities promoted the dark colors, Klum went to the opposite end of the spectrum and promoted light colors for makeup.

Heidi Klum

Very Sexy Heidi Klum akeup Heidi Klum promoting The Victoria’s Secret Heidi Klum 7.jpg Heidi Klum 8.jpg Heidi Klum 9.jpg Heidi Klum 10.jpg Heidi Klum 11.jpg

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  • Heidi is absolutely heavenly!