written by Wanda

Hot Booty Shot Of Jennifer Lopez On Stage

Every time I write about Jennifer Lopez, I feel the need to mention my opinion of her changed completely after watching her as a judge on “American Idol”. Before I thought she was the diva to end all divas and that colored my opinion of her as a performer. After Idol, I started seeing her as less of a diva and more as a misunderstood woman whose strength and confidence comes off as something else in the press. I am still not the biggest fan of her music but I’ll admit, I’ve shaken my ass to “On the Floor” in my living room a few times. I actually really like that one – aside from the “get sick on the floor” line. Someone really should’ve thought about the visual that one gives. Anywho, here is a hot booty shot of Jennifer Lopez at the iHeartRadio Music Festival. Pretty sexy stuff. I have “On the Floor” stuck in my head now though and that’s kind of annoying.

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