written by Wanda

Irina Shayk Is A Beautiful Beach Bunny

I don’t know if there are words strong enough to state how much I enjoy these photos of Irina Shayk. I enjoy them a lot – love them even. Problem is, I’m not sure I can say exactly why. They’re not the most exciting photos we’ve ever seen of her and it’s not like she’s flashing a whole lot of skin but for some reason, these shots really get to me. Maybe it’s the fact that they’re kind of unexpected. Lately, I’ve been a bit back and forth on Irina but these pics definitely put me firmly back in pro Irina territory. I love the dress she’s chosen here and I love the more subdued look. I sometimes find Irina favors heavy makeup and that tends to turn me off but not in these shots. She’s really kept things understated and I think it really, really works for her.

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