written by Wanda

Jaime Pressly Is In Shape!

Guilty confession – I love Jaime Pressly a little too much. I really do. This woman makes me absolutely giddy. She’s gone through her share of troubles over the last few years but she has always emerged on the other side looking stronger and more confident. I respect that more than I can express. As she heads out for lunch at Tra Di Noi in Malibu, Jaime rocks a white tank top like nobody’s business. Just look at those arms. I don’t often like a lot of muscle definition on a woman – I find it looks a little too masculine – but it really works for Jaime. She’s always been a tough babe and for that reason, I don’t find the buffed up arms distracting. This is a woman that has a hint of masculinity while still remaining ultra feminine – not to mention absolutely stunning. Love this woman.


  • Jamie Presley is in shape, that is for sure. She looks great here. I on the other hand would look horrible if I dressed like this for lunch out. But Jamie has shown that she is in great shape and can pull it off.

  • Jaime has truly been one of my all time dream girls for many years now.You know how just the sight of some girls makes your stomach feel all funny.

  • I do not feel that muscular gals are unattractive. I find that this look works well for many, especially Jamie. She looks great and you can tell that she has pride in how she looks. Jamie you are fine.