written by Ann

Jennifer Aniston’s Sexy Back

Jennifer Aniston’s pictures were taken on August 5, in LA. She had her sexy back to the camera all the time because she did not want her photos to be splashed all over the place. Jennifer was on her way to visit her friend. Recently, John Mayer was at a concert without her. He cracked some jokes about making out and cheating on Jennifer. Later, when she heard about it, she was not amused by his humor.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston 1.jpg Jennifer Aniston ass Jennifer Aniston 3.jpg sexy back sexy ass Jennifer Aniston 6.jpg Jennifer Aniston 7.jpg Jennifer Aniston 8.jpg sexy back Jennifer Aniston 10.jpg tight dress Jennifer Aniston 12.jpg


  • what a booty on this honey

  • awesome muscular legs

  • fit as fuck, great legs, so strong calves on her a tight ass too, I would love to bang her

  • I agree with ste, superb legs how strong they look, she has some of the best legs around, fit as fuck