written by Wanda

Jennifer Lawrence Has Officially Blown My Mind

So, Jennifer Lawrence, huh? I’ve written about two sets of Jennifer Lawrence photos in the last few hours. This set is the third. In the first set, I talked about how I didn’t really feel Jennifer was ‘sexy’. I felt she had a more wholesome, girl next door kind of appeal. While I thought she was absolutely beautiful, sexy just wasn’t a word I thought of when I thought of Jennifer Lawrence. The first photo set started to change my mind. The second backed up the first set. This set has just blown my perception of Jennifer out of the water. This is a sexy, sexy woman. I have no idea how I didn’t see that before. Her body is perfect, in my eyes and the way she looks into the camera? Please. If I ever see Jennifer in person, I will have to apologize to her for not seeing what has suddenly become so obvious. This woman is just as sexy as any other actress of her generation. I can’t wait to see how far Jennifer’s career takes her.

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  • soo sexy