written by Wanda

Jennifer Lopez In Hawaii With Her New Boyfriend

So Jennifer Lopez is dating Casper, one of her backup dancers. Are they getting serious? Who knows for sure but these shots were taken as they frolicked on the beach together in Hawaii with Jennifer’s kids which is probably a pretty good sign that they are. I would love to know what it is with pop superstars and their backup dancers. We went down that road with Britney Spears and Kevin Federline and, come to think of it, hasn’t Jennifer Lopez already gone down this road with ex-husband, Chris Judd. Anyway, I wish nothing but the best for Jennifer and Casper. Jennifer has had a rough go of it with the men in her life. I’d like to see her get it right. I love the woman. She deserves happiness and I’m hoping Casper can help her find it.


  • I love Jennifer. I really do. I hope she finds love with someone who deserves her. Maybe it could be with Casper, but I don’t think it will be. Control will eventually become an issue.

    I hope I’m wrong though and that he turns out to be the one for her.

  • freda, like you, I adore Jennifer. I personally think she needs a break from love though. She needs to take a one year sabbatical. Seems like she’s always with someone – maybe that’s her way of moving on from failed relationships.

  • Jennifer, sorry baby gurl, but you’re setting yourself up for another fall. I agree, gigi, the woman just needs to take some time out. Her and Casper ain’t gonna last. I can bet my money on it. So I just hope she’s being casual with him so it doesn’t hurt as much when they break up. Don’t think it’s casual though, ‘cos there’s him playing with her kids.


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