written by Wanda

Jennifer Lopez Is Always Going To Be Gorgeous.

These photos from Wet Republic in LA just seem to reinforce a belief I’ve held for the last several years – Jennifer Lopez is never going to age and she’s going to look stunning forever. It’s a little ridiculous. If anything, she’s only gotten more attractive as the years have passed. She looks more mature now than when she did when she first started getting noticed in the industry but that more mature look really works for her. She is simply stunning. Her bone structure is incredible and she clearly knows how to take care of herself. I’m not sure how I feel about her relationship with Casper Smart but that’s her business, not mine. If she’s having fun and he treats her with respect, all the more power to her. Love seeing J-Lo doing so well. I hope that continues even though she’s no longer an “American Idol” judge. She will be missed.



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  • Jennifer Lopez is hot. I think that she is a great singer and dancer and an good actress. It is apparent that she takes excellent care of her body. I think that she is a top ten.

  • she is so fit

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