written by Wanda

Jenny McCarthy Has A Killer Body

I’ve always been a big Jenny McCarthy fan. She seems like the type of woman that is happier drinking beer with the boys than getting her hair and nails done at a salon, and that really appeals to me. Sure she has a bad track record with romance but there aren’t many women in Hollywood who don’t. She’s in charge of her own sexuality and she’s open about who she is. She can be crass and rude, but she is unapologetically Jenny and I love that about her. It doesn’t hurt that she’s also very pretty and has a killer body she isn’t afraid to show off. I don’t always agree with everything she says, but I’d never argue with pictures of her in a bikini.


  • Didn’t she used to go out with Jim Carrey, or am I mixing her up with someone else? I like the hat she has on. I wouldn’t expect it to go with a bikini, but it does! I also like the white dress she’s wearing over it.

  • I love Jenny McCarthy. She is so pretty. Annoying as hell but has a great body. I loved her in Singled Out. She made that show. And it has proven that taking care of yourself will led you to many great things.