written by Ann

Jessica Simpson By The Pool

Jessica Simpson posed by the pool in a series of pretty summer snaps. She has been brave to keep up her façade. In July, there was an incident where she told Tony Romo’s family that she was pregnant. The news was not welcomed by the Romo family. Tony Romo’s parents said that she was not married yet and did not like her springing that pregnancy thing on them. Fortunately, or unluckily for Jessica, her pregnancy test was false. The ditzy blonde misunderstood the reading on her home pregnancy test.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson in Glamour Jessica Simpson 2.jpg The ditzy blonde Jessica Simpson poses in shorts Jessica Simpson 5.jpg

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  • This story is from way back in March. This Joe Simpson trying to keep her name in the
    media. Nothing going on this week? Wheres Tony? Are they even together? Why is he calling ex girlfriends? Write something on that Joe.