written by Ann

Jodie Marsh In Black Plunging Top

Jodie Marsh had tons of publicity and attention when she wore her plunging tops and revealed almost all of her puppies. Men just love her and would ask her to pose for pictures on the streets. Jodie has benefitted enormously. She has been invited to launch clubs, or grace the atmosphere with her presence. This set of pictures showed Jodie at Victory Club, when it was launched on July 21. The other model was Lindsey Dawn McKenzie.

Jodie Marsh

plunging top Jbend over sexy Jodie Marsh Jodie Marsh 6.jpg Jodie Marsh 7.jpg lip gloss Lindsey Dawn McKenzie Jodie Marsh 10.jpg Jodie Marsh with girl


  • ohh my goodness :o

  • sheesh kebab she wud get porked