written by Wanda

Jordana Brewster Is Still On Dallas, I Guess

I dunno, guys. I really liked the Dallas reboot a lot but this season I just can’t seem to get into it. It’s like the show was desperate to try to keep fans after the tragic death of Larry Hagman but the truth is, they could’ve kept going the way they were going and real fans would’ve stuck around. Now, John Ross JR was always a bit of a tool but he was almost a likable tool. Almost. By the end of the season finale, he was no longer the villian I love to hate. He was just the rich kid douchebag I actually do hate and what they did with Jordana Brewster’s character? Don’t even get me started. Seeing these photos of Jordana getting an ice cream cone from The Bigg Chill in West Hollywood almost makes me want to go to my DVR and watch the episodes of Dallas I’ve been meaning to get around to watching. They also make me want ice cream. I think I’ll go with the ice cream. From what I’ve seen of this season so far, an ice cream headache would be less painful than sitting through the mess that this show has become. And what a shame. This is a talented, underrated cast with a built in audience. It could have been big for all of them. And hey, I’m into the overdramatic, wildly outrageous, could never happen in a million years, cheesefest that this kind of show is meant to be but they’ve gone too far even for me. Ugh.

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