written by irene

Joss Stone – Goddess

Singer Joss Stone is embracing her inner goddess in these pictures…and why shouldn’t she? Joss is highly considered as one of the attractive faces in the music industry. Yup, even those times when she’d sing barefoot on stage is considered sexy, funky and all too tempting. By the way, what is this I hear that her boyfriend is in his 40’s? If that’s true, well – that only goes to show that Joss is not only afraid to take off her shoes, but she’s also not afraid to love. Before we get all too mushy, click, click, click for more pictures of the goddess that is Joss!

Joss Stone Photo

Joss Stone Joss Stone Pic Joss Stone Photo Shoot 4.jpg Joss Stone Photo Shoot 5.jpg Joss Stone Photo Shoot 6.jpg Joss Stone Photo Shoot 7.jpg


  • Really nice enjoyable photo shoot. Hope we see more Joss Stone anytime soon.

  • adorable!

  • very cute i love you

  • so damm hot