written by Wanda

Kate Beckinsale Is A Normal Woman

Here we have photographic evidence of why I love Kate Beckinsale so much. She is effortlessly beautiful and she’s just a normal, every day, average woman. She has her bad habits like the rest of us. She doesn’t waste time making sure her hair looks perfect. She just throws it back and goes about her day. She doesn’t waste time planning the most stylish outfit. It just happens that she looks gorgeous all the same. I wouldn’t say she looks quite as good hear as she did on the beach, but she has more of her beautiful skin covered up, so that’s not all that surprising. She does, however, prove an actress doesn’t have to live their life like they’re on a runway to be beautiful. I love that about her.

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  • nice see thru pics :)

  • doggie style

  • sexy underwear :D

  • You don’t get dressed / undressed out with your family.. like that! :)

  • she knows how to tease guys in public lol

  • left it at home on Saturday, June 12th in an effort to bring more atotenitn to what is perhaps the greenest, cleanest transportation option in the world. These sexy eco cyclists (ok, maybe not all of them were so sexy) went above

  • Delicacy!

  • a lot of women dress sexy nowadays even in the street, not a surprise a fit women like her does, milf


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